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  • The BodyLX360 Full Body Workout System provides a complete body workout in the comfort of your home, making it the only exercise equipment you need to transform and tone your body efficiently and effectively. The BodyLX360 comes with resistance bands, hand grips, knee and ankle braces, a waist belt, guided exercise videos, and a 12-week fitness schedule and diet plan.
  • More than just a board, this resistance training system is your complete home gym, your Pilates studio, your personal trainer and much more. With 18 levels of resistance training, the BodyLX360 system targets and sculpts all areas of your body including your core, hips, glutes, abs, legs, upper body and lower body.
  • Following the all-in-one BodyLX360 system and included 12-week workout plan will transform your body through unique methods of intelligent exercise, isolating and targeting muscles in a specific order to create a long, lean, healthy shape. The board anatomically puts you in the correct position on every exercise for proper angle for maximum results.
  • BodyLX360 comes with an exclusive 12-week fitness schedule and diet plan personally designed and instructed by company founder Flavio to maximize results and sculpt your body with strength, symmetry, flexibility, balance and harmony. BodyLX360 is a multifunctional exercise equipment that avoids all forms of compression on the spine, with attachments to the resistance bands being on the waist belt for such exercises as squats and lunges.
  • Safe for all ages and fitness levels, the BodyLX360 features an aircraft-quality aluminum frame with cushioned board for comfort and durability. Each resistance band can stretch to over 400% its length, ensuring maximum safety during use.